Jar Preform in Chennai


These are High-Quality  Jar Preform Manufactured by BBC Products, Chennai. These Jar preforms will give you consistent Blowing Results with NO or Very Minimum Wastage

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Following Sizes of Jar Preforms available in BBC Products

Jar Preform

38mm – 10g, 14g
46mm – 20g
53mm – 11g, 13.5g,15.5g, 17g, 23g & 28g
56mm – 25g
60mm – 38g & 44g
63mm – 18.5g, 21g, 24g,27g & 33g
73mm – 29g, 35g
83mm – 36g, 42g & 48g
83mm Long Neck – 44g, 58g & 65g
96mm – 36g, 44g, 51g & 58g
120mm – 64g, 69g, 87g, 105g & 120g

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Weight22 kg


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